Planning Your Fence

The Best Selling Luxury Pool Fences

Luxury pool fences are specifically designed to accompany attractive spaces, delivering style, security, & convenience. We’re featuring the two main choices: aluminum &vinyl.

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Luxury pool fencing around property
Modern estate with modern fenced yard

5 Trending Contemporary Fence Styles

While all of these contemporary fence styles will do a fantastic job securing your outdoor space, they also provide a unique look and enhance the style of your backyard.

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Style Showcase: Arched Fences

Arched fences are one of the hottest trends that can add an extra eye-catching touch to your backyard! Check out options you can bring to your backyard – and reach out to our team to get quotes today!

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Picket fence with arch top
black modern two tone vinyl fence

2022 Style Trend: Two-Tone Vinyl Fences

The signature color combination of these two-tone privacy fences comes from the fence frame and the panel. Explore the fabulous four trending color combos with our professionals…

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Style Spotlight: White Vinyl Privacy Fence

A white vinyl privacy fence is a popular answer for homeowners looking to secure their pool, protect their new puppy, or keep their yard free of a nosy neighbor’s gaze. Click to learn more!

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White vinyl privacy fence installed on incline
Fence and gate for backyard privacy

Tall Fences You Can Bring to Your Backyard

For homeowners who want to maximize their yard’s privacy, the higher the fence – the better. Click to see the best options that bring complete security to your property along with a distinguished aesthetic

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Picket Fencing: Styles & Advantages

While there may be new modern fence types, this classic option isn’t going anywhere. Discover the key reasons that homeowners still trust this tried-and-true option and find your favorite style.

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Private pool fenced backyard

Pool Privacy Fences & Other Options

You can’t wait to open your brand new pool for the first time this summer – there’s just one thing missing: a fence. Click to see our picks for pool privacy fences & other stylish pool fences!

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Decorative Fence Styles for Different Houses

Pairing the style of your fence to the style of your home is one of the best ways to create a unified outdoor aesthetic. Read to see the fence styles that pair with colonial, modern, and farmhouse homes.

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Decorative fence styled with dark modern house
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