Low-Maintenance Fences that Will Save You Big Time

Time is money, and most homeowners don’t consider spending several hours maintaining their fence to be the best use of their time. Exploree options for no-maintenance and low-maintenance fencing options.

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White picket fenced yard

The Best Affordable Fencing Options

A fence keeps your yard safe & secure, which is especially important if you have pets or young children that love to roam. Choosing your new fence is a matter of balancing your needs, your style and your budget.

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Do I Put up the Fence or Pool First?

Which came first: the pool or the pool fence? It’s a question as old as time, and we’ve finally got the answer!  All joking aside: in this blog, we’re eliminating the confusion on all things pool fences.

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Sleek durable pool fence

Finding Your Best Backyard Fence

When it comes to your home & yard, you want the best – & there’s nothing wrong with admitting it! We’re breaking down the best backyard fences available to help you learn how to decide which is best for you.

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Why Homeowners Love Designer Fencing

Designer fencing is the trending style of fence heading into 2020. Instantly recognizable by its two-tone color scheme, you’ve probably seen and admired this fence at a trendy neighbor’s home or on HGTV.

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Designer fence options for upscale homes
Backyard privacy fence made of vinyl

How Long Does a Fence Last?

Wanting to know how long a fence lasts is a fair question before you spend thousands having one installed in your front or backyard! Learn the fence lifespan details for our 4 most popular types.

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7 Creative Ideas for the BEST Front Porch Makeover

When a porch looks great, it’s the highlight of your home curb appeal. When it looks rough, it can seriously detract from your exterior style.

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Beautiful modern front porch decor
Man installing his own fence

Why Installing Your Own Fence is a Bad Idea

There are some projects that make perfect sense to tackle with your tool belt and a healthy dose of DIY spirit. Installing your own fence just isn’t one of them.

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New Vinyl & Aluminum Fence Colors

In years past, vinyl fences were white & aluminum fences were black. Now, new fence colors are bursting onto the scene. These bold color schemes are perfect for helping style-forward homeowners build the space they love.

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